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Apeiron-Team is a consultancy firm with services situated mainly in chemicals related regulations (such as REACH, CLP, Food Contact, Biocides Directive, RoHs ...) and Product Stewardship.

Our services include 

Our team consists of engineers with significant experience in industry, chemists and (eco) toxicologists. This profile diversity allows a multidisciplinary approach of your project and enables coverage of all its aspects.`

NEWS from Apeiron: 
Apeiron-Team will be present on the Biocides Stakeholdersday on September 1st in Helsinki
Apeiron-Team is presenting on the CEFIC workshop on authorisation
Workshop Application for Authorisation for "Process Chemical" uses
ensuring fit-for-purpose applications
Apeiron-Team will participate to the  scientific workshop on soil risk assessment  in Helsinki (October 7-8)
Apeiron-Team is forming a group for the authorisation of Dichloroethane (EDC). Users-Manufacturers-Importers  interested to join or looking for individual support on authorisation can contact us.
Apeiron-Team is supporting users of Sodium Dichromates for application for authorisation for the use as corrosion inhibitor in ammonia absorption cooling systems
Interested? Don't hesitate to contact us!
If interested in support on authorisation for other substances please do not hesitate to contact us;
Apeiron-team has hands on experience in several authorisation dossiers
We organize (in-house) trainings for you on:
Contact us for the dates of the next sessions!!