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  • Happy New Year!!!

    Apeiron-Team wishes all our customers and partners a happy and healthy 2019!
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  • Apeiron-Team gives a training on Chesar and CSA (16-17 October 2017)

    Apeiron-Team provides a training in collaboration with Essencia on Chesar and CSA (16-17 October 2017). The first half a day of training will give insights on the basic principles of Chemical Safety Assessment. The...
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  • We presented on the ECHA conference on Authorisation on November 13-14th

    Apeiron-team presented some of the findings obtained during the work for the EU Commission on the impacts of the authorisation process. Hiram Moerman's presentation "How has the authorisation process reduced risks: Results of the...
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  • Apeiron-team attended the workshop on Ethoxylated octyl and nonylphenol.

    Apeiron-Team was present on the Workshop on the Application for Ethoxylated octyl and nonylphenol which took place in Brussels, Cefic premises, on 4th October 2017. As NPnEO and OPnEO were added to Annex XIV of...
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  • We presented @ BAUA workshop on "Substitution or Approval under REACH"

    Apeiron-Team gave a presentation on the Workshop on "Substitution or Approval under REACH" which took place in Dortmund, Germany, Cefic premises, on 5th October 2017 organised by BAUA. Andreas Novak presented the experiences of the Apeiron-team on...
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  • Apeiron-team won a case @ ECHA board of appeal

    The ECHA Board of Appeal published a decision on September 8 on the case A-026-2015. Apeiron-team provided the scientific support to the appellant in this Board of Appeal case. The appellant contested a.o. several decisions for additional testing...
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  • Apeiron-Team @ the ECHA workshop on environmental endocrine disruptors

    On August 22nd Apeiron-Team was present on the workshops in Brussels  on applications for authorisation for environmental endocrine disruptors.  Presentations from this workshop can be found on the link attached. https://echa.europa.eu/-/workshop-on-applications-for-authorisation-for-environmental-endocrine-disruptors
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