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    Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Looking for ways to change away from our today’s throwaway society, Circular Economy is a more regenerative approach focused on re-using material in order to slow down depletion of our natural resources. In the Circular Economy, waste becomes a resource.

According to research, such an approach could boost Europe’s resource productivity by 3 percent by 2030, generating cost savings of €600 billion a year. The EU Circular Economy Package highlights all possible instruments to transform the economy, create new business opportunities and boost competitiveness.

How can you benefit from Circular Economy? Are you able to identify and quantify the opportunities the Circular Economy offers for your business? What are the regulatory barriers for more circular activity? What are the policy instruments that you could use to boost the Circular Economy in your company?

Find out how Apeiron-Team can assist you in becoming more “circular”…